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Choosing a mattress for your baby’s bed!

Did you know babies spend roughly 16 hours a day sleeping?! And while sleeping baby snuggles are the absolute best! It is still important, to create a safe and cosy sleeping space for your new arrival! This can look a bit different for everyone, with all the different options available now a days, but if you plan on having a bassinet and/or cot, then choosing the perfect mattress will be on your list of to do’s!

Cariboo Comfort Cot Mattress

We know how daunting it can be when it comes to what your baby does and doesn’t need, so we have put together a simple list that will help you find the perfect mattress for you!

Types of Mattresses: there are a range of different materials used to make cot and bassinet mattresses in NZ, these range from foam, latex, wool and innersprung. It is personal choice, as to which option you choose. Whilst each material/type of mattress has its own pros keep in mind the material of your mattress does not affect the safety.

  • Foam mattresses are durable and offer an optimal support-comfort ratio. They are usually less expensive than other options. Foam mattresses are also a lighter option making it easier for changing sheets and cleaning etc. However, they do tend to lose shape within a few years, which may be a consideration if you're planning on using it for a second or subsequent child.

Cariboo has a Bassinet foam sleep pad that comes standard with any bassinet purchase.

  • Innersprung mattresses are generally a firmer option, heavier and longer lasting than foam. The more coils an innersprung mattress has, the better the support for your baby. The space between the coils allows air to flow more freely, keeping your baby cool in hot weather. Innerspring mattresses can be made with foam OR latex padded layers which will affect the price. An inner sprung mattresses has an average lifespan of around 7 years.

At Cariboo we have 2 innersprung mattress options available one with latex layers and the other with foam layers.

  • Mattresses made from natural latex are highly breathable, thanks to their open-cell structure. Natural latex also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It significantly reduces the opportunity of breeding for the bugs and micro-organisms that create skin rashes and respiratory problems. Latex mattress last for a long time! 10+ years. This is because latex is incredibly durable and resilient. And when you’re finally ready to replace your mattress, it’s 100 per cent recyclable so won’t be left to rot in landfill, making this mattress an eco-friendly option. Mattresses made with latex are generally mid to high in price range. You can find our latex Bassinet mattress here.
  • Wool mattresses are another natural option. Wool helps the body regulate its temperature so that you don’t get too hot or too cold while sleeping. Wool Mattresses are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, and they also do not contain any fire retardants as wool is naturally flame resistant. Wool is extremely durable, and therefore you can enjoy a wool mattress for life! Making wool mattress sit in the higher price ranges.

At Cariboo we stock the luxurious Dreamwool mattress in both Cot & Bassinet size.


Don’t forget: A safe mattress, when placed in the cot, should not have any more than 20mm gap on each side and end. Always remove all packaging before using your mattress

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