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What bedding do I need for my baby?

So, you’re having a baby? How exciting! Did you know that your newborn baby will roughly spend 16 hours a day sleeping? So, an important part of being ready for your baby’s arrival is having somewhere for them to sleep.   

After purchasing your big-ticket nursery items like your bassinet and/or cot you will need to think about bedding. How many sheets do you need? What will your baby sleep in? Does your baby need a duvet? How many blankets is too many? We have decided to make a simple list for you to check off all your baby bedding essentials!


For the bassinet:

Sheets: 3 fitted bassinet sheets should be sufficient. This gives you a spare whilst one is in the wash and a backup for unexpected spills/accidents. At Cariboo we stock the gorgeous Snuggle Hunny & Bundl linen. The hardest part now will be choosing which designs are your favourite!

Mattress protector: 2x mattress protectors to be able to alternate whilst ones is washing after spills/accidents etc. See our previous blog here if you are looking for more info on which mattress protector is right for you. Alternatively, we stock a range of the Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors!

Top sheet/duvet: We find that a very high percentage of parents these days are more comfortable using swaddles / sleep suits for their newborn babies rather than tucking them into sheets. So, instead of top sheets and duvets we suggest using the Love to Dream swaddles for your baby and then for added warmth/comfort using a lovely organic cotton knit blanket such as the beautiful Bundl Heirloom Baby Blanket. 3 swaddles are likely to be enough for using one, having one in the wash and one as back up for unexpected spills or accidents. 2 knit blankets means you are able to alternate between the two should one get messed on.

Pillows: No pillows are necessary for bassinets as these are a high-risk factor for SIDS


For the cot:

Sheets: Again, a minimum of 3 fitted sheets should be sufficient enough to always have a clean sheet available – always think, one on the bed, one in the wash and one as a backup! Check out the beautiful range of sheets available on our website.

Mattress protector: 2 cot sized mattress protectors to get you started. This way you can alternate whilst one is in the wash. As you get down the track you might find you have a particularly spilly baby, or a baby that wets through their nappies a lot and you may need to add another into rotation. Protect- A -Bed have a range of mattress protectors to suit all needs and at a cost-effective price, you can find them here.

Top sheet/duvet: Rather than a made bed with a top sheet and a duvet, we suggest using a TOG rated sleeping bag. This means there is no loose bedding, and it is easier to keep your baby at a consistent temperature all night as a sleeping bag can't be kicked off. And it is one less bed in the house to make! Winning! We suggest using the Love to Dream sleeping suits, these come in various sizing, styles and TOG ratings to suit all seasons and ages. Check them out online and find which is best for your baby. Cotton knit or wool blankets are also helpful to add some extra warmth and comfort when required, so add two of these to the list too. Often babies can take a special liking to this ‘Blankey’ and if that’s the case I suggest getting one to put away for emergencies (such as a loosing/leaving behind a blanket or being in the wash).

Pillows: Pillows are not necessary for a cot and can be a risk factor for SIDS when used before 1 year of age.

Cot Bumper: The same applies to cot bumpers as it does for pillows, these can be a high-risk factor for SIDS if used before 1 year old as these are often soft and padded with unbreathable fabric.


Hopefully, you have made it this far and now have a better idea of what it is you will actually need in preparation for your babies sleeping space! We are always happy to help so if you are after further advise don't hesitate to reach out! and check out the range of bedding available at Cariboo today!

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