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Cot Mattress Protector - Tencel

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Protector-A-Bed Tencel Mattress Protector - Fitted

Designed for Sensitive Skin and Eczema sufferers - and endorsed by Eczema & Asthma Foundations!

  • Only mattress protection endorsed by Eczema & Asthma Foundations of Australasia
  • Natural hygiene eucalyptus based fibre - TENCEL® sleep surface
  • Natural hypoallergenic and bacteria inhibiting eucalyptus based fibre properties
  • Thermo-regulating properties of TENCEL® maintaining an even surface temperature
  • Clinically tested for protection of sensitive skin
  • Waterproof yet breathable Miracle Membrane® barrier
  • Protective against stains, such as spills and nappy leakage
  • Effective in preventing dust mites and bacteria breeding in the mattress
  • Fitted sheet style with Expandall® skirt
  • Machine wash and tumble dry

The Protect·A·Bed® Tencel® protector provides all Key features and benefits with the added thermo regulating properties of TENCEL®.

TENCEL® is a 100% natural hygiene Eucalyptus based fibre, is naturally pure and does not contain pesticides or agricultural chemicals. Its silky soft surface acts like a second skin due to its thermo regulating properties. The TENCEL®  protector has natural antibacterial and hypo-allergenic properties while providing a silky luxurious sleep surface. Ideal for your baby to sleep directly on the TENCEL® surface and designed for Eczema sufferers.

TENCEL® is backed with the revolutionary Miracle Membrane® barrier, which is waterproof while remaining air vapor porous. This means body heat is allowed to easily pass through, and your child will sleep cool and comfortable. The Miracle Membrane® also serves as a barrier for dust mites and allergens, which provides for healthy, irritant-fee sleep. The fitted sheet style protector can be easily removed, machine washed and dried

Size: Cot - 130x68cm 

Endorsed by Asthma Foundation!

Ecosprout & Protect-A-Bed - Eczema Association Australiasia - New Zealand

Protect-A-Bed® is the world's number one selling mattress protector, distributed in 48 countries, promising not to compromise on quality!  Waterproof, breathable and are machine washable! The best solution for busy parents!


Cot Mattress Protector - Tencel

$38.32 Regular price $47.90


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